Thursday, April 12, 2007

registration update

Dear all,

Thank you everyone for working to register over the last few days!

We are now processing all those registrations. Every email and request will be answered. If your registration request was entered by now, please do not worry, we are working on it.

We also have emails from folks who have had difficulty to enter their registration. Those will certainly be accounted for. Give us a few days to work on it.



Aries said...

would you please tell me what is the proposed place for showing posters!
and send us some photos of the place and what is the best size and resoloution for posters.

tucker said...

Good question. We will get an answer for you shortly.

Which league are you asking about?

chris said...

hello my names chris could you send me the list of teams in the four legged league

shadows said...


Our team came first place in Iranopen2007 competitions in the Junior rescue league and we would like to compete in robocup atlanta but apparently there is an age restriction allowing under 14 only.
Does this mean that we can not enter?


Aries said...

my paper accepted as a poster in middle size,but it can be useful in any league because of its contest.

I also want to know about the registration confirm.

Aries said...

my paper has accepted as a poster and my team is in middle size league but my poster would be interesting for all teams since it is about image processing.

second, I would like to know about my registration statue and change my e-mail address since I could not access paypal because of sanction about my country and I register via one of my friend.

if it is possible for you I would be so happy to hearing from you at my email.

tucker said...

A few answers:

We will post registered teams in the next few days.

Questions about Junior should be directed to the Junior organizers.

Questions/problems about registration should be directed to

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