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RoboCup 2007 Atlanta Newsletter #3

RoboCup 2007 Atlanta Newsletter #3

This issue is all about registration! In this issue:

o Registration deadlines
o Registration overview
o Housing and meal plans
o Hotels and transportation
o Payment problems and options

Registration deadline extended to April 11

Important: On campus housing is limited and it is available on a first come basis. The deadline for on campus housing registration is April 11, 2007. We cannot promise availability of on campus housing after that date.

We have extended the deadline for early registration for league participation to April 11th as well. Please register as soon as possible.

Registration overview

Registration is set up in an "a la carte" fashion so that participants can register for components of the event they are interested in. So for example, a robot team with one faculty member and two students would register as follows:

Team Registration: $550
Faculty Registration: $407
2 x Student Registration: $242 + $242
Total: $1441

Housing and meals are also available (see below).

Housing and meal plans

We are excited to offer housing for faculty and students on the Georgia Tech campus. The primary advantages of on campus housing include low cost, location adjacent to the main venue, and the sense of RoboCup community we expect with everyone living together.

Two types of housing are available: Traditional dorm rooms and apartments. Both types of housing include air-conditioning, wired Internet and a telephone connection.

Traditional dorm rooms include two beds and two desks. A shared bathroom is available down the hall.

Apartments provide a roomy and relaxed environment. They include four private bedrooms (one person each) that adjoin a shared livingroom and kitchen. There are two bathrooms in each apartment.


American-style meal plans are also available in a modern dining hall adjacent to campus housing. Many food options are available, including custom grilled food, pizza, and cafeteria-style selections.


Hotels and transportation

A special shuttle bus service has been set up to transport participants from campus housing and nearby hotels to all of the venues.

We have reserved blocks of rooms in nearby hotels. Three of the recommended hotels (Georgian Terrace, Indigo, Georgia Tech Hotel) are on the shuttle bus route.

When you call one of these hotels to make a reservation, please let them know that you want the RoboCup rate. To see the list of recommended hotels, visit:

Other hotels are available nearby, but we do not recommend them.

Payment problems and options

Several hundred attendees have successfully registered using our process through PayPal. However, some people are having
trouble. We are sorry to hear about the difficulties. The key difficulty seems to be that in some countries, PayPal sets a maximum purchase amount for non-members. (The limit in the US is $2000). Here are suggested work arounds:

1. Divide your registration into several smaller purchases.

2. Become a PayPal member. We realize this is not desireable for some, but it does lift the purchasing limit.

As an additional option, teams can request an invoice from us. The invoice can then be paid by credit card or wire transfer. For information on this process, go here:

We are available to answer any questions by email.

We are able to host RoboCup 2007 Atlanta thanks to the
generosity of:

Lockheed Martin
Georgia Tech

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